Monday, March 23, 2009

Brainwashing turns Taiwanese into brain-dead comatose

I will only comment on the first paragraph of 中國時報: 短 評-蔡英文的尷尬 (see below) and leave the rest to you. It says:
How is this possible?
  • KMT committed so much crimes against humanity: 228 massacre, white terror, the longest martial law, arbitrarily stripping away citizens birthrights such as referendum, use of judicial system to protect its own but persecute others, implicit vote buying such as 18% , ourtright vote buying, 7-24 brainwashing with the likes of TVBS, 中國時報 and KMT-controlled education system, annihilation of native culture and languages, etc.
  • How can DPP match such crimes? Can you name just one person that DPP had murdered? On the contrary, DPP has given us freedom of speech, sense of pride as Taiwanese, bullet trains, many highways, years of prosperity and much more.
  • Extreme low quality, lies, hypocrisy, bad taste and lack of rational thinking and human decency are expected of KMT outfits such as TVBS, 中國時報 and the judicial system. In contrast, all such are unthinkable for any DPP outfits.
Some questions:
  • Why does KMT spread such incredible lies that KMT表現不佳,DPP更讓人失望? Answer: to turn Taiwanese into brain-dead comatose.
  • Why don't people point out the absurdity of such lies?
  • Why do Taiwanese believe such lies?
Why gloss over the fact that these polls were all made by pro-KMT magazine and paper, and the satisfaction rate was 28%, which is most likely inflated? I wish these alleged 28% satisfying people explain what made them satisfied.

Finally, why 執政政府? Why not just 政府 or KMT?

短 評-蔡英文的尷尬

  • 2009-03-22 中國時報




 投身政治工作者,多少都要有點使命感,自以為將才出以利天下蒼生,民進黨去年敗選到一塌糊塗的時刻,蔡英文在民進黨人心目中,還有這麼點 分量;一年不到,蔡英文的領導能力幾乎破功,連黨人都不相信她是夠力的抬轎者,在這種情況下,蔡英文若認為自己還是維繫民進黨生機的關鍵人物,就是笑話 了。


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