Sunday, January 24, 2010

馬英九/林德瑞: incoherent Harvard and BYU graduates

Chinese KMT is evil so that an ethical KMT is an ethical evil, which is an oxymoron. For years, I have been asking on the web for a list of three KMT members who are considered ethical. I have not gotten any nominations.

Are KMT people also incapable of being coherent? Here I use a 聯合報 report of 林德瑞's campaign to show how incoherent 馬英九 and 林德瑞 are. This should be surprising because 馬英九 is known as a Harvard-educated scholar and 林德瑞 is a 國立中正大學/財經法律學系 系所主任. My comments are in-place and indented.

嘉縣立委補選/馬英九到嘉義 幫林德瑞打氣


It is natural to promote his candidates, except 馬英九 has no credibility left.
Ma objects to others 包山包海、壟斷政治, but obviously enjoying KMT's 完全執政完全負責. He is openly hypocritical!
Why is this relevant to 林德瑞's campaign? Ma's mind was somewhere else.
Be scared now! Do we want more Chinese KMT 法律專家 like 王清峰, 賴英照, 蔡守訓, or those who put 謝清志, 蘇治芬 or 陳明文, ... in jail before indictment, investigation or even interview? Do Taiwanese even know who 賴英照 is? Can anyone name a KMT legislator who has been an effective and conscientious law maker, serving people and not KMT? 林德瑞, if elected, will at best become a faithful member of 中國國民黨 舉手部隊 or fighting squad.

So, 林德瑞 must have problem with 蔣介石父子's dictatorship, and KMT's owning everything from the judicial system, media to military.
So, 林德瑞 also has problem with KMT's Taoyuan candidate 陳學聖 who parachuted himself from Taipei.

HealthPhysics: 馬批非在地,那陳學聖呢? 自打嘴巴, 真令人懷疑國家領袖的智慧是否已經嚴重受損, 那如何治國?.. :'-( 蕭美琴:跟證嚴一樣愛花蓮…… (about 1 hour ago from API)


I know Ma does not want Taiwanese to have referendum. I would like 林德瑞 to tell us his position. Does he support KMT's stripping away people's rights of referendum?

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