Friday, July 2, 2010

吳敦義: ECFA雖不是條約,「的確長得比較像條約」
馬英九: ECFA 長得像條約, 只能否決不能修改

Let me make an observation about this statement
As a professional, I cannot imagine myself saying such or similar things, in public or in private, to my colleagues, students, clients or anyone.   Such utterance is an indication of the persons' extremely poor professional grounding.      

The fact ECFA不是條約 is easily established by reading the text of the ECFA agreement.  The document disqualifies itself as a treaty because it contains no mention of countries (such as ROC, PRC, Taiwan, or even just the word country 國).   What is more, it was signed by a CEO and an Association Chief, NOT by government officers.

「的確是長得比較像條約」is what I would urge all Taiwanese to think hard about.   We must demand our Premier and President to be competent professionals.  Now, ask yourself: are you or your colleagues capable of saying things like 「的確是長得比較像條約」?

The easiest one to attack is 比較像 (in 「的確是長得比較像條約」).   Compared to what, and why?  It was not explained.  But this is minor.

The most offensive to professionalism is 長得比較像.  Can we talk like this in court or congress?  In teaching a class?  Why do premier and president talk like this when dealing with our rights and our future?  ECFA is a document.  It is not an organism that could 長得比較像.  Does ECFA 長得比較像馬英九嗎? ECFA 有沒有長鬍子? Are there really no etiquettes that officers follow?  Can our officers say anything, however absurd, including for example, I love to eat feces?

When the two highest ranking officers of our government are so unprofessional, it is no wonder our country is in such great danger!

吳揆:立院可表決ECFA 但不能修改

中央通訊社 - ‎2010年7月1日‎
(中央社記者林沂鋒台北2日電)行政院長吳敦義今天說,ECFA雖然不 是條約,「的確是長得比較像條約」,立法院有權決定要不要通過ECFA,但是 不能修改條文或稅率,如果可以修改的話,將是「牽一髮毀全身」。 兩岸經濟協議(ECFA)送立法院審議,吳敦義上午出席99年慶祝稅務 ...

ECFA/ 馬英九、王金平不同調? 吳敦義:觀點都正確!

NOWnews - ‎2010年7月1日‎
... 費鴻泰日前質疑立法院法制局裡「有人在配合在野黨,故意誤導王院長」。 吳揆並表示,王金平應該表達目前尚無定見,未來主持朝野協商的立場才會適合,而馬英九知道雖然ECFA不是 條約,「可是的確長得比較像條約!怎麼會是預算案呢?怎麼會像國內法呢?的確是比較像條約!」

綠營聯王制馬? 王:見縫插針難免

聯合新聞網 - ‎2010年7月2日‎
針對立法院的審議,馬英九則以行政院長吳敦義將親赴立法院說明,接受「舖天蓋地的質詢」,就是為了要作清楚的說明。因為ECFA長得像條約,應在二讀會通過即 可;而立法院可以討論、表決和否決,但是「絕對不能進行修正」。 王金平上午沒有依原訂行程,在「ECFA時 代新情勢 ...

ECFA可 望8月表決過關

中時電子報 - ‎1小時之前‎
吳揆同時表示,對於ECFA審議,馬總統和王院長想法大部分一致,他們都認為ECFA非 條約,只是因兩人的職責有點差別,但兩位的想法都恰如其分。 他指出,ECFA長得像條約,國會有權通過,也有權否決,但如果只修改一條就會全盤無效,以後恐無人願和台灣簽協定或 FTA,相信國會 ...

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