Friday, February 6, 2009


I invite you to join in a discussion on Taiwan's prevalent 指鹿為馬 life style, by leaving a comment.
  • KMT has refused Taiwanese the right to a proper referendum law since it occupied Taiwan 60 years ago. While KMT generously declares 人民最大, it strips them this basic referendum right. 人民最大, but KMT has to be even bigger because it has the power to take away their rights. 人民最大, but KMT 最最最最最最最最最最最最最最最最最最最大.
  • If 人民最大, how come this 最大人民 cannot know what secret treaty KMT had signed with China, no matter how they beg?
  • Do Taiwanese feel they are 最大? How about 蔡丁貴教授 who has been doing sit-in at LFY for more than 100 days now and has been ignored by KMT except its police force. Does Professor Tsay feel he is 最大? Do the similarly ignored and harassed Wild Strawberry students feel they are 最大?
自由時報 - 20小時前
〔中央社〕國民黨主席吳伯雄今天到新竹縣參加黨部新春團拜時表示,台灣景氣深受全球經濟惡化影響,民怨隨之而起,這是執政黨必須概括承受的責任,人民最大,是國民黨不能忘掉的原則。 吳伯雄表示,經過8年的努力,國民黨終於在去年3月重返執政之路,重新擔負起對人民的 ...

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