Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Demand proper referendum law
Stop being KMT slaves

KMT never allows people a proper referendum law since it started its existence 84 years ago in 1925. Taiwan is not democratic and Taiwanese are KMT slaves when KMT continues to disallow us a usable referendum law. 台教會的蔡丁貴教授 and others started a hunger-strike and sit-in at LFY since 2008-10-25. They will not quit until we have our basic referendum rights. See 台教會蔡丁貴教授 厭惡作國民黨執政下失去自由的人(無直接民主: 鳥籠式公投法), 要做一個有尊嚴的台灣人. As a support to 蔡丁貴教授 and friends, I created a display box (see left) that others can easily adapt and use. Note:
  • Today marks the 82nd day of the sit-in. How many more days will we have to demand these rights that rightly belong to us but KMT keeps on denying us?
  • KMT and its media stonewall the demand, just as they stonewall the wild strawberries' demands.
Please support this movement in any way you can.

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