Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who needs 共諜 when China has 馬英九?

I was shocked and angered when I read this news that made headline in all papers. I failed to see why the event was newsworthy, let alone making headline news. If 地檢署 were truly interested in catching 共諜 , then why don't they arrest the number one 共諜 馬英九, who has at least three treason cases pending [see the yellow side box]. He just signed a secret treaty with China that constitutes another iron-clad case of treason. Why is it that 馬英九's treason cases do not make headline news, yet the two insignificant unknown 王仁炳 and 陳品仁, who are in no position to sell out Taiwan made headline news? Can you leave a comment to enlighten me?

臺灣新浪網 - 1小時前
台北地檢署偵辦總統府專門委員王仁炳涉及共諜案,發現王仁炳兩年內以工作之便或接觸經手公文機會,總共蒐集近百件包含「絕對機密」在內的總統府公文,影印後再轉交前國會助理陳品仁。檢方這兩天將密集提訊王陳兩人,釐清究竟還有多少機密外洩到中國。 ...
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