Sunday, January 11, 2009

The extreme success of KMT media

KMT media are able to manipulate all Taiwanese in ways they do not realize. An as example, they manufactured and successfully instilled this myth in almost every Taiwanese:
DDP was defeated by KMT in 2008 because it was a 貪腐集團
This is totally false! DDP (and Taiwanese) lost because of the tremendous success of KMT media in brainwashing Taiwanese!

When it comes to 貪腐, DDP is a tiny bug while KMT is an elephant. Condemning DDP while embracing KMT is like crucifying a thief, but glorifying Hitler. Against this backdrop, I ask voters a simple question:
If you did not want to vote for DDP because you considered it a 貪腐集團, how could you vote for KMT which is one of the worst 貪腐集團 in humanity?

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