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金溥聰: 傅崐萁挺流氓施勝郎 扯藍後腿
金溥聰們: 受美國教育 穿西裝 打領帶 用刀叉的 食人族

The naked display of incivility in the following 中國時報 report is unthinkable in a civilized society such as USA or Spain. Here, the much-touted 中國國民黨祕書長金溥聰 is campaigning for 王廷升 for a seat in the congress. Instead of convincing people that 王廷升 is a good congressman candidate, 金溥聰 engages in illegal and immoral personal attacks on other candidates that have no relevance on congressional election:
  • 中國國民黨秘書長金溥聰與花蓮縣長傅萁撕破臉對幹! What a disgrace! And why does 中國時報 think that public is interested in such doggy fight? Answer: 中國時報 treats all elections as doggy fights.
I will comment on the rest of this barbarian report in place. My comments are indented.

金溥聰:傅崐萁挺流氓 扯藍後腿

  • 2010-02-22
  • 中國時報
  • 【洪祥和、曾薏蘋/綜合報導】
國民黨祕書長金溥聰(右)輔選同黨立委候選人王廷升 (左)。(洪祥和攝)

中國國民黨祕書長金溥聰(右)輔選同黨立委候選人王廷升 (左)。(洪祥和攝)


傅崐萁支持無黨籍候選人施勝郎是「司馬昭之心,路人皆知」 This is false. I, for one, need 金溥聰 to explain what 施勝郎's 司馬昭之心 is.


Why relying on 地方人士反映? Why not do a complete background check? Why not disqualify 施勝郎 legally? So what if it is true that 施勝郎是曾被管訓的流氓 like 更生人江欽良 (strongly supported by 行政院長吳敦義) or 流氓教授林建隆?


Why is 金溥聰 silent when 中國國民黨公開違反行政中立 in so many occasions? He is OK when 中國國民黨公開違反行政中立, but he has problems when others are suspected of doing so.


This is easily a best example of how Chinese KMT destroys human decency. Historically and statistically, Chinese KMT is the only entity that freely buys votes with cash and institutionalizes vote buying with schemes like 18% interest for KMT-favored groups. 金溥聰們 persistently and viciously accuse innocent parties of vote buying when they openly and actively buy votes, while enjoying the protection offered by the judicial system that Chinese KMT owns.


花蓮人不能再當三等公民. This begs the question as to why 花蓮人 have been happy to be 三等公民, and why Taiwanese have been content to be 三等公民.


堅持改革? 提名正派清廉的候選人? 堅定信心? 不必害怕一時的惡勢力? When will Taiwanese start shouting NO to 金溥聰們 who utter such vacuous and hypocritical nonsense while doing exactly the opposite?


中國國民黨's 勝利 is Taiwanese' destruction!




金溥聰們 owe us an explanation: why are 施勝郎 and 傅崐萁 trying so hard to 讓綠軍當選?


Obviously in 金溥聰's eyes, voters behaved badly when they voted for 傅崐萁. 金溥聰 needs to tell us how to behave correctly in the 2010-02-27 congressional election.



Can anyone explain what 正藍 means? To me, 正藍 means the worst evil! I am stunned to hear anyone say:

I am the worst evil (正藍)!

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