Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taiwanese: a people with little sense of obligation
中選會公佈227立委補選結果 投票率約4成

中選會公佈227立委補選結果 平均投票率約4成

40% voter turnout rate is uncivilized and a crisis. This means 60% voters
  • Don't feel obligated to vote
  • In spite of all the Chinese KMT atrocities, they do not care enough to cast a no-confidence vote against KMT
  • They are not worried that Chinese KMT might win because they do not vote
As if this is not bad enough, for those 40% who voted, about half voted KMT. In Hua-Lien, voters favored KMT's candidate 王廷升 over 蕭美琴. 王廷升 openly displays unethical conducts, while 蕭美琴 has impeccable record.

Only 20% of all eligible Taiwan voters voted against a KMT/CCP coalition that is not only an enemy to Taiwan, but an enemy to humanity. To create a civilized Taiwan, we must obligate voters to vote for their future. And the future of their children.

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