Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ma: impotent, a jinx and Taiwan's worst disaster
馬英九: absolutely the most absurd president anywhere

Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2010-02-25 11:18 AM

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Central News Agency
If you search related news about President Ma Ying-jeou on Google, according to a recent report from Liberty Times, “impotence” and “jinx” will appear on the list searching suggestions, which hints their strong correlation with the Harvard-trained doctorate.

However, impotence and tough luck are just used to describe his poor performance and a series of disasters since his inauguration in 2009. To position Ma in history, “stripping Taiwan” would top all the other keywords concerning the president.

During the term of the Ma administration, Taiwan, a solid democratic country, has been gradually evacuated due to his China-leaning policy with an eye to the ultimate unification with China. Economy, sovereignty, military and diplomacy and those regarding the well-being and dignity of Taiwan people are all sacrificed to fulfill Ma’s unilateral thinking, which might bode ill in the unpredictable future.

Local enterprises are wooed to move their capitals and resources to China with preferential treatments. With brain-drain deteriorating, Taiwan, once lauded for its economic miracle during the hardship of 1960s and 1970s, is stepping into an irreversible destiny.

The report released by US Defense Intelligence Agency, which evaluates Taiwan’s national capacity as defective, just reveals the tip of an iceberg. Not only national defense and economy, to please China, national interests can be sacrificed at the expense of sovereignty and diplomacy. What else can Taiwan people expect from the horde of traitors?

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