Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Liberty Times: The only supporter of President Ma is our enemy

Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2010-03-02 12:36 PM

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Central News Agency
It is pathetic to see that even the staunch supporters of the pan-blue have lost their patience for President Ma with an approval rate plummeting to a record low 29% since the Moracot Typhoon last August, according to a survey by the United Daily News.

After likening the president to the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty “Ch'ung-chen,” who committed suicide by hanging himself, the famous TV pundit and political commentator Nan Fangshuo, again, blasted the ruling KMT led by President Ma concurrently that the party has been “unelectable,” and the second term of President Ma would be impossible if the KMT suffers another failure in the year-end special municipality election.

Nan Fangshuo’s comment marks a commonly-seen contradictory feeling among the KMT supporters. They are worried about the hardly-won victory in 2008 will be soon terminated by the jinxed president.

However, most of the Taiwan people don’t care about whether the KMT would be overturned by voters, instead, what they are really concerned is the soaring unemployment rate, salary-cutting and the endangered livelihood.

People’s worries are not groundless. As the ECFA with China proposed by Ma confronts opposition domestically, the Prime Minister of China Wen Jiabao promised to yield interests for Taiwan farmers to shore up the Ma administration. The inside story between the former rivaling parties is really worrisome for Taiwan people.

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