Sunday, March 7, 2010

KMT must return referendum rights
   it stripped away from Taiwanese for 63 years


If you agree, please help by speaking up. Post it to your blog, email to for easy and instant blogging, tweet or plurk this message out and email your friends asking them to act, etc.

In United States, referendums are an integral part of elections, making referendum as natural as breathing. In Taiwan, KMT 中國國民黨 stripped away citizens' rights of referendum, while brainwashing them to believe that referendum is expensive, unusual and unnecessary.

In the name of 擴大民主參與及保障公民權利, KMT 中國國民黨 is pushing hard for 不在籍投票 in order to gain more unfair advantages in coming elections. See
江宜樺: 禁止人民公投 硬要不在籍投票 and
鄒景雯: 先把完整公投權還給人民再說

I approve any effort to 擴大民主參與及保障公民權利. But this talk of

is a complete lie and vacuous, if 中國國民黨 does return our rights of referendums.

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