Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strongest condemnation of Ma Ying-Jeou's denying Taiwanese referendum rights and his constantly lying about in-necessity and in-feasibility of referendums

Referendums are an integral part of American elections (see sample ballot below); referendums are as natural as breathing in the United States. After KMT's more than 60 years of colonization, Taiwanese are still denied their basic birthrights of referendums and Ma continues to lie about how unusual, unnecessary and infeasible referendums are. I would like to call for Taiwanese who know about the truth of referendums to speak up and to wake up the deeply brainwashed Taiwanese to demand their rights. Please help.

20100328 新台灣加油! 13/9

馬 英九: 反對ECFA公投
吳敦義: ECFA公投沒必要
中國國民黨: 拿出勇氣在總統大選拒領公投票

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